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Empire Today is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Empire Today is a leading provider of carpet and flooring products and has served over 1 million satisfied customers. Just as customers have grown to expect beautiful and durable Empire Flooring and Empire Carpet from Empire Today, they now also expect a certain level of expertise and professionalism from our contractors, installers, and sales representatives.

It’s simple. Just search the Empire Today® Jobs Listings for a job description that looks like a match, and then apply online. If your qualifications are in line with any open positions, an Empire representative will reach out to discuss opportunities.

Empire Today’s has full-time job opportunities for every person. Opportunities range from office-based positions in management and marketing, to warehouse and inventory management positions. Empire Today® full-time employees are offered benefits that are competitive in the marketplace and many others.

All sales representatives (except CA) and installers are independent contractors.

Installers must have appropriate equipment; State / county business license, or willingness to obtain one; General liability and workers’ compensation insurance, or willingness to obtain it; Valid driver’s license; Incorporated or LLC status, or willingness to obtain it.

Empire Today offers their employees comprehensive and progressive. Employees are treated to wellness programs that reduce their health insurance premiums, as well as initiatives designed to improve their work life balance. From their thorough medical coverage to their 401k, Empire Today is building a company culture to attract the most talented, ambitious professionals. Discover the benefits of working for Empire Today.

Empire Today is not only passionate about securing customers for life, but also employees and contractors for life! Finding a job as a full or part-time sales representative or installer is both easy and rewarding.

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At Empire Today®, we’re as dedicated to creating lifelong employees as we are to creating lifelong customers for our Empire Carpet and Empire Flooring products. We’ve found that our dedication to excellent customer service attracts positive, motivated people that make Empire Today a great company to work for.