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Our mission at Empire Today® is to secure loyal customers for life. Our employees strongly believe in this mission and work hard every day to deliver on this promise. Empire Today truly values our employees and strives to provide opportunities and work environments that make our people happy to work every day. We foster a rewarding company culture so that our employees feel good about working for Empire Today and strive to continue serving customers with the passion and dedication that the company was built upon.

In an ever changing economy, it might be hard to find a job that you think has lasting power. However, with Empire Today’s booming business and base of over 1 million satisfied customers, our business has true staying power. Our services, just like our jingle, are known across the nation for their superior quality and value.

Are you dedicated to customer service and working your hardest to deliver fantastic results? Perhaps you would be a great fit for Empire Today! Empire Today employees are able to work daily to service loyal customers, fortified by the support of colleagues and our internal employee team. Employees can experience this support firsthand, along with competitive benefits.

Empire Today has been a trusted provider of home installation products for decades, with over one million satisfied customers today. A great deal of our success must be attributed to our wonderful employees, who Empire Today values just as much as we value our customers. We believe our dedication to excellent customer service and passion for our work attracts like-minded workers that make our culture so wonderful. Explore more information regarding careers with Empire Today below.

Empire Today Offers Commercial Laminate for the Warehouse and Manufacturing Industry

March 12th, 2013

Manufacturing and distribution companies have flooring needs that need to meet certain criteria when it comes to product quality and installation standards. When it comes to Carpet and Flooring that is commercial-grade and high in quality, these types of companies turn to a trusted provider Empire Today, which has already built relations with flooring manufacturers nationwide.

Empire Today offers durable and long-lasting Empire Flooring Commercial products in Laminate or Vinyl that is a popular choice for warehouse and distribution centers. This type of Empire Flooring is also easy to maintain and withstands the weather elements as well as wear and tear. Businesses have to think more than just aesthetics but find a product that looks good and can last a long time within budget is a win. To learn more about the Empire Flooring Commercial styles, visit

Commercial Flooring by Empire Today for the Dream Retail Space

March 8th, 2013

It often starts with long-time dream or life-long hobby that becomes a way of living for someone. But opening a retail shop, whether it’s a unique clothing boutique, a new eatery concept or a bookstore, there are many factors to consider. Location and aesthetics can have a great impact on the success of a retail store no matter how small or large.

Empire Today understand the value of ensuring your retail space looks more than just professional but it is a welcoming place that will draw crowds in. With the unrivaled quality Empire Flooring Commercial products and the expertise and know-how of picking the right Empire Flooring and installing it the right away, Empire Today truly is positioned as a partner and a trusted provider for business owners. To learn about Empire Carpet Commercial, visit

Fabulous in a Flash with Empire Flooring Commercial

March 5th, 2013

In today’s economy, every sale counts. So business owners are naturally reluctant to engage in renovating their space, if the changes would force them to shut down operations. Luckily, Empire Flooring Commercial makes it possible to complete an impressive makeover with minimal interruptions to the business day.

The service-driven practices of Empire Carpet Commercial and Empire Flooring Commercial make it possible to install many floor coverings during non-disruptive house. In fact, some materials make it possible to install new flooring overnight, when employees have gone home, and customers are fast asleep. Owners love the instant transformation to their companies. Get to know Empire Flooring Commercial and the many benefits to your business at

Empire Carpet Commercial: Give Clients a Comfortable Place to Land

February 21st, 2013

When interacting with clients, it’s helpful to remember that they are often as stressed out and tired as anyone else. So giving them a comfortable place to cool their heels when they visit one’s office can yield a thriving partnership. Empire Carpet Commercial and Empire Flooring Commercial offer a myriad of products to make your home office a haven that clients love to visit.

Making a space more comfortable is about more than a cushioned footstep. Empire Carpet Commercial helps to achieve a more serene office setting by absorbing and diffusing ambient noise. When it’s time for clients to visit, the absence of a distracting cacophony allows them to focus on what’s important. Discover more ways that Empire Carpet can enhance your professional environment by visiting

Empire Today Helping Commercial and Small Business

February 18th, 2013

Updating the workplace can have many benefits. Whether it is to offer a more welcoming and inviting place for clients, or increase efficiency and productivity in an updated workplace surrounding, Empire Today knows the importance of updating and improving commercial facilities and offers the products backed up with quality service to prove it.

Empire Carpet Commercial and Empire Flooring Commercial products are available for small and large office spaces, to property management and senior living and community centers or places of worship. No matter the size of the job Empire Today is ready to help the customer with unrivaled commercial Empire Flooring. Find out how,

Improve Office Efficiency with Empire Today Commercial

February 14th, 2013

Because time is of the essence in business, Empire Today is a true partner to small businesses. From the moment of scheduling an appointment in the client’s office or job site at time of a day or evening that is convenient for the client to providing professional Empire Carpet Commercial and Empire Flooring Commercial advice and quality installation, Empire Today truly stands above the rest in the flooring space. With the customer in mind, every job is performed with the highest quality standards and precision. To learn about Small Business and Commercial Installations from Empire Today, visit

The Empire Carpet Man’s Gift for Connecting with People – The Empire Carpet Man’s Career with Empire Today

January 9th, 2013

Lynn Hauldren, the Empire Carpet Man, managed to make a career out of connecting with people. From his time in the army, to his tenure selling Empire Carpet and Empire Flooring, Lynn’s unassuming personality had a lasting effect on all he met.

Lynn’s first adult job, as a radio operator for the army, saw him connecting people in the literal sense. However, his legacy was built on his quiet charisma, a delicately balanced attribute that made people feel as though they’d known him for years, and that they could trust him implicitly. This attractive warmth was something he exuded on camera, removing any trepidation homeowners had about impending remodeling projects. Lynn’s calm voice seemed to reassure them that not only would the job be easy, it might even be fun. Find more great stories about the Empire Carpet Man at To explore additional job opportunities to become a part of Empire Today like Lynn Hauldren did, please check out our job opportunities at

Choosing Commercial Empire Carpet and Flooring with Centralized Order Management

December 26th, 2012

Empire Today, also known as Empire Carpet, has been in the business of providing quality Empire Carpet and Flooring for Over 50 Years. Empire offers products for businesses, Empire Carpet Commercial and Empire Flooring Commercial as well. With Empire Today, small and large businesses benefit from a centralized order management making the evaluation and purchasing decision efficient and geared towards the needs of the business. If you are interested to learn more about the Empire Carpet Commercial program visit,

Jump Start A Career With Empire Today

November 5th, 2012

Today’s job market may be challenging, but Empire Today is bucking the trends by growing. Ambitious professionals who want to jump start their careers are finding golden opportunities as sellers and installers for the legendary carpet company. The company has been a staple in the home décor industry for decades and shows no signs of slowing down.

Salespeople and carpet installers who work with Empire Today are rewarded with a company culture that embraces their wellbeing. Because the corporation is wise enough to realize that their success comes from building clients and referrals who keep coming back throughout a lifetime, they know that happy employees and contractors are crucial to cultivating unparalleled commitment to service, and unsurpassed customer loyalty. Learn more about the exceptional career opportunities available with Empire Today at

Empire Today: A Golden Opportunity For Passionate Professionals

November 28th, 2012

The key to the success of Empire Today lies in the company’s unrelenting commitment to service, professionalism, and a quality product. Whether an employee works in sales, installation, or the management of Empire Today, he or she can walk tall knowing that they are part of a proud tradition. The foundations of Empire Today’s success can be found in the incredible passion their employees have for being the best at what they do.

Empire Today’s business model revolves around personalization for every client. Employees are encouraged to be proactive in nurturing outstanding relationships with each client. Every member of the Empire Today team embodies devotion to creating 100% satisfaction for every client, every time. For professionals who yearn for a job that gives them a meaningful sense of connection to their clients, and a sense of pride in their work, a career with Empire Today presents the opportunity of a lifetime. Learn more about spreading your wings with Empire Today at

Empire Today Careers

August 23rd, 2012
Empire Today is a company dedicated to securing lifelong customers and employees. The company’s dedication to providing quality Empire Carpet and Empire Flooring products paired with its promise for excellent customer service has, in turn, attracted employees that are motivated and team players. The people at Empire Today make the company a great company to work for.

If you are getting started with your career or would like to move on to the next step, an Empire Today job may be the right choice for you. To learn more about Empire careers, visit

Empire Today Is Passionate About Building Customers For Life!

August 27th, 2012
Hard-working and enthusiastic are traits that characterize the people working in Empire Today jobs. From full time employees, to independent sales representatives and installers, everyone plays a key part in making Empire Today the nationwide company that it is today.

The culture at Empire Today is that of professionalism, hard-work and collaboration. If this intrigues you and you would like to be part of this national organization, please look into Empire careers at

Start Your Career with Empire Today

August 30th, 2012
Empire Today is a nationally recognized company that has been in business for Over 50 Years with a passion that remains the same — building customers for life — and employees and contractors relationships for life! If you are a looking for a full- or part-time Empire Today career or a job as an independent sales representative or installer, make sure to look at Empire Today jobs – and getting started is easy!

With Empire Today you know your career will be a rewarding one. Empire Today is proud to claim over one million satisfied customers. With an award-winning service, the value and trust our customers place in Empire Today is due to the quality performance by the people every step of the way. To learn more about Empire careers, visit

Career Advancement with Empire Today

October 26th, 2012
Interested in a new and exciting career path? Look no further than one of our Empire Today careers. If you are a go-getter and like an environment where collaboration and creativity are valued than Empire Today may be the right fit.
Applying for Empire jobs is easy and it can be done online.

Simply search the Empire Today jobs listings and apply for the one that fits with your qualifications. To learn more about different positions available and what it takes to become an Empire Today employee or independent contractor, please visit Empire Today careers at

Build Your Career With Empire Today

October 26th, 2012
In today’s economy, a career is easier to build with a local business than with a faceless corporation. For job seekers looking for a proven pillar in the local economy, Empire Today is the answer. Empire Today began as a small, local business, and has grown steadily into a national institution. Still no matter how large they’ve become, their commitment to old fashioned values and uncompromising quality have earned them a reputation as the best in the business.

Perhaps that’s why their employees stick around for what is often the entirety of their careers. The rare sense of history and devotion to a family-like work environment make Empire Today a gem for lucky employees. Those who become part of Empire Today work for a company they truly can take pride in. Learn more about careers with Empire Today at

Empire Today is not only passionate about securing customers for life, but also employees and contractors for life! Finding a job as a full or part-time sales representative or installer is both easy and rewarding.

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At Empire Today®, we’re as dedicated to creating lifelong employees as we are to creating lifelong customers for our Empire Carpet and Empire Flooring products. We’ve found that our dedication to excellent customer service attracts positive, motivated people that make Empire Today a great company to work for.